Residential Pest Control

1. Inspection

During your initial treatment, Drum Pest Control will perform a full inspection of your property and identify specific treatment needs. We will identify potential nesting sites, harborage areas and entry points in and around your home. Upon each returning visit your technician will continue to monitor your home and adapt our treatments to the changing seasons and movement of pests.

2. Exterior Service

typically enter the home from the outside. With Drum Pest Control's specialized exterior treatment, your home and family will be protected from invading insects. Your technician will treat the foundation, immediate yard, and other entry points around your home. We will also granulate flower beds with moisture activated crystals to discourage pests from nesting in these high moisture, high vegetation areas.

3. Interior Service

Pests live and breed in areas that are often difficult to see or reach, like crawlspaces, cracks and crevices and behind walls. In fact, the majority of pests live completely out of view of the homeowner. Drum Pest Control carries the most complete arsenal of tools and is trained to protect your home and eradicate these pests from their hiding places in the most efficient and responsible manner.